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Doing a lot of live sound work, ear protection is a major issue, whether its a gig I’m mixing or a gig I’m watching I need to keep my ears protected, and I’ve found that the ear plugs from this site: are very good for the price. The frequency drop is decent across the spectrum, they’re cheap, skin coloured (so people will be less likely to see them and call you a pussy if you’re at a metal concert or something.) They’re easy to put in and pull out and come with a metal cylinder that you can attach to a key change to keep them in, I normally don’t keep them in the entire gig if I’m doing sound, mainly just because I end up turning everything up too loud, but I can still comfortably mix with them in. I highly recommend to anyone in loud sound environments often and don’t have very big budgets get a pair of these.


Try listening to a style of music that is COMPLETELY different to the music you’re writing during the time you’re writing it, because if you listen to the same style you will hear things and go ‘maybe I should do something like that’ then BAM you’re like crap now it just sounds like that other thing but not as good cause its still slightly different, where as if you listen to a different style, you will probably still get urges to use ideas from it, but… you can! and more often than not doing that will give it a nice original flavour cause its taking ideas from different styles that sound nothing like it.