So I’ve never really had much experience experimenting with acoustics, and decided to ask my recording and sound reinforcement lecturer what I might be able to do for one of my projects for the class that would allow me to learn more. He suggested that maybe I should build a trifussor. For those of you who don’t know (which is probably most) a trifussor is a triangular prism with a diffusive surface on one side, a reflective surface on another and an absorptive side on the last. I have no carpentry experience as well as no acoustical experience but decided to give it a go anyway. So I picked up some medium density fiber wood from my local hardware saw, asked my dad to find me his drop saw and together we started cutting, gluing and screwing the wood together into the shape of a triangular prism. So far so good, and all thats left to do is attach the diffusive panels and the absorption material and I will have my very own pair of DIY trifussors.

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